Drupal 10... too soon to prepare?

Is there any feel yet for how complex the D9>D10 migration might be? Is it too soon to start preparing?

I saw the note Upgrades to Drupal 10 are planned to be supported from Drupal 9.3.x and Drupal 9.4.x. in the Upgrade Status tab; given I seem to be on v9.3-1, should I start thinking about this now?


Hi Cath

Thanks for reaching out.

This is something which we are discussing internally. What is very important to note, however, is that Drupal 10 itself is not scheduled for release earlier than the end of August this year. And that is assuming the current schedule is kept. There is an alpha version available, but breaking changes will be introduced in the beta, and again before the final release. As such, on our end, we are waiting till things are stable before proceeding. In any event, Drupal 9 will reach end-of-life in November 2023, and so there should be sufficient time even with the current unknowns of Drupal 10.

More communication on this to follow.


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