Drupal 7 to 8 migration feedback: default blocks


During the migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, I realized that a lot of blocks were added to my site.
Most of them seems useless and add bloat to the site. For example ‘User account menu’ seems to be a duplicate of the CERN header, which already include a login/logout.

Shouldn’t they be disabled by default?


Hello Vincent,

Thanks for your feedback. You are right about useless blocks being added when you create a new website. We are actually working on a new blank configuration for when you create a new blank website, so that you won’t be confused with useless blocks.

However, migration is another story and the issue is that some blocks were useful in D7 but not in D8. It should be discussed with @eduardoa on which blocks are actually useful and which not.