Drupal 8 to 9 update problem/ help

During the update on my test website, I received this message, see image below.
How to fix this problem,
Many thanks

If I click on “go online” or “status report” I receive this message:

Hi Sophie

Thanks for reaching out and flagging this! Accessing https://test-mywebsite.web.cern.ch/ as seen in your second screenshot seems to work correctly now. Are you please able to confirm whether you are experiencing issues still? If this concerns a different website than the above, could you please share it with us here?


Hello Joachim,
The website I am trying to update and migrate is https://chis.webtest.cern.ch/
This before I can do a migration of the CHIS main website.

I am already not able to update as it is says " Updating modules and themes requires FTP access to your server". But I am unable to login using the FTP. I put a screen below.

In any case, I am completely lost with DRUPAL migration. I want to be able to migrate the CHIS website but w/o loosing the web content. I will need help to do this as I am not an IT expert and it doesn’t look obvious.
Many thanks for your help and support,

Hi Sophie
The procedure to update modules is the following,


If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

However, whatever you do on the .webtest.cern.ch preview site will not persist. In that sense it is sort of like a normal test site. So if you want to go ahead and test updating a module, you can do so. You just need to make sure to repeat the steps on their production website(s), too. Of course, if something does break, yon the .webtest.cern.ch site, it will not impact their production site either. And please don’t reproduce in the production one

Thanks a lot, I hope it can be useful.


Hi Sophie

I am just following up to confirm whether or not the message from Almudena above allowed you to resolve the issues you were facing? If you are still having problems, please do not hesitate letting us know. We are here to help.