Drupal 9 - FAP website and dashboard


On the FAP website, we have dashboards for Finance, HR, Procurement and Recruitment. They are accessible only to dedicated persons.
Today, with the migration to Drupal 9, the dashboards don’t seem to work or are very long. Can you please check



Hi Caroline

Thanks for reaching out. fap-dep.web.cern.ch has not actually been upgraded to Drupal 9 yet (though it is being prepared!), and so what you are seeing now is Drupal 8.9. Can you please confirm when this was working the way you expect? Do you rely on customised logic from the SimpleSAMLphp module by any chance?

Also, I am not sure what you mean with the dashboards don’t seem to work or are very long?


Thanks Joachim. Oscar was in charge of this. I will come back to him for more details. I will keep you informed. Thanks. Caroline

Hi Joachim, no impact for you. Thanks.

" Hi Caroline,

the dashboards are actually not part of Drupal. They are Pentaho CTools Dashboards that are hosted and served by the Pentaho server (https://aisbi.cern.ch/).

The whole Pentaho suite suffers from time to time from degraded performance, and the dashboards were never blazing fast, but this problem is the result of the Pentaho technology itself and our DWH (where the data comes from) also not being in great shape.

We are showing these dashboards on the FAP website through some iframes (the HTML standard to show content from one domain into another — eg. from aisbi.cern.ch on fap-dep.web.cern.ch), but this doesn’t interact with Drupal in any way, so the migration will not affect the performance of these dashboards and reports in any way :+1:t2:

Hope I managed to explain so you can have a clearer idea of our setup :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Hi again

Thanks for the confirmation!

I assume this is something which either has already been resolved or needs to be handled in collaboration with Pentaho. If this is not the case, or you need help with anything else which you reckon we can manage, please do not hesitate responding here or creating a new thread.