Drupal 9 migration - WebDav + webpages badly linked

Dear colleagues,

I am checking whether my websites are compliant for Drupal 9 and have encountered two problems:

Access to WebDav

When checking the scanning the elements: I have some elements like “CERN Override Theme” that requires me to add a line of code. During the presentation yesterday, you showed that one needs to go to WebDav to put this line.

The problem is that I have an error message when going in configuration > CERN infrastructure (“The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.”) and thus cannot have access to the WebDav link. I have tried to recreate it but cannot have access to it.

Is there a solution to put the code?

Webpages badly linked

I have noticed that some pages and menus of the webtest website are linking to the original website. I have checked in content and it seems that the page were duplicated but “simply” badly linked. Should I fix those links or they will be fixed by themselves once the migration is done?

Best regards,

Hi Antoine

Thanks for reaching out!

Accessing WebDAV has changed slightly with the migration to OpenShift.

Please have a look here for more information: https://drupal-tools.web.cern.ch/access-webdav-in-openshift. If this does not allow you to proceed as shown during the presentation, or if you face any issues actually connecting to WebDAV, please let us know!

In regards to the links: No worries! I very much understand how this can be frustrating… perhaps especially so when you are supposed to check your website! However, please rest assured that once your production site is moved, the domain will not change and all links currently working on your production site will continue to work.


Hello Joachim,

We haven’t received the an email confirmation saying that the clone is ready. However, a quick look at it shows me the same issues regarding the links.

Our clone: en-cv.webtest.cern.ch

At least these links in the submenu ‘EN-CV-CL Projects’ are redirecting to the original web

The menu is only available for some users (https://en-cv.webtest.cern.ch/content/cv-cl-section-controls)

Apart from that, we have some modules to be updated and/or checked.

So my question is, should I continue checking or just wait for the confirmation that the clone is ready?


Hi Juan

Thanks for reaching out! Websites, yours included, are scheduled for migration this week (but not upgrade to Drupal 9!). This means that the preview (.webtest.cern.ch) will be removed once the migration has been completed. As the migration to OpenShift does not alter your domain name, this particular issue will no longer be present.

We appreciate how this issue obviously complicates matters in terms of verifying that everything looks the way it is supposed to! As such, since you are encountering what sounds like major obstacles in navigating your website, I would recommend waiting for the .web.cern.ch version to be migrated accordingly. At that point, please have a look at https://drupal-tools.web.cern.ch/how-to-prepare-your-website-its-drupal-9-upgrade and check the Upgrade Status report for your website in preparation for Drupal 9.


Hi Joachim,

Ok, I will then wait for the migration to OpenShift.


Hi Juan

You got it! Keep an eye on your inbox for when the migration has finished.