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Is it possible to link the Drupal site logo in the header to an external website, instead of to the home page of the current site?

Thank you very much in advance!

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Hi again,

Might anyone know the answer to this? I have accessed the WebDav, but struggle to find the right script for the site logo. Would be really grateful for any advice!

Thanks indeed in advance!

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Dear Anastasiia

Logo link is defined into CSS class: site-info__logo. Look into the CERN override theme tutorials (Override the CERN theme | Drupal @ CERN)
(How to Update CERN Override Theme | Drupal @ CERN).

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Dear Guillermo,

Thank you so much for your reply! I’ve spent around 2 hours already opening every single folder/file in the webdav, yet still cannot figure out how I can change the logo link (from an internal to an external one). Can you please help me with that? I would be happy to schedule a short Zoom call if it is easier and understand how it is done.

This is really important!

Thank you very much in advance!

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The link here is correct, but still the logo leads to the internal Drupal homepage:

All is fixed now! It was the matter of caches… Thank you again!

Hi Anastasiia

Good to hear Guillermo’s post helped you out. If possible, could you please mark it as a Solution such that others who happen to encounter a similar issue can find it easier? There should be an icon on the lower-right of Guillermo’s post you can tick.