Drush access to drupal 8 via drush (non test site)

I’m having an issue with drupal8 and drush that the Drupal Service seems to be unable to address for the moment. As they pointed me to this site, I try it.

The story is the following :

  • site was drupal 7 and migrated to drupal 8 the standard way long ago
  • site happens to use in Drupal 7 a module called file_entity
  • it thus uses the same module in drupal 8
  • in the meantime that module was removed in drupal8, replaced by media
  • the module now gives errors
  • the official drupal documentation says that I should move to media and explains in details how to manage (see https://www.drupal.org/project/migrate_file_to_media)
  • however this requires drush
    And we do not have drush for production web sites.

Any idea how to solve this ?

Solved by cloning the site to a test site, intervening there and cloning back.
Not elegant, not really fast but worked.