"Easy start" for new website

Dear Drupal Team,

Now that the migration is (somewhat) behind us, I would like to create new test website with Drupal 9 installed.

I have used the new Webservice portal (Web Services Portal) but I see it doesn’t allow an “easy start” option like before. I don’t want to recreating from start all content types…

Is there an estimated date for the arrival of the “easy start” option?

Many thanks,

Hi Antoine

You are correct that this is not currently available. However, we very much appreciate the value offered by an Easy Start solution (or some solution with a set of enabled modules and/or themes). This is something which we would like to support on the new infrastructure; though it is not coming on this side of Christmas. Once the upgrade has settled CERN-wide, and we have resolved the most pressing issues, we will be able to allocate time to something like this. As such, for the time being, please consider creating new websites via the cloning functionality.


Hi Joachim,

Thanks for your answer. I wasn’t considering the cloning option. Thanks!