Edit a module?

Hello, I am sure this is a silly question but I have to edit and modify a module that was created by my predecessor …
I see the module is activated (in the Extend tab) but I cannot find it in the list of modules when I connect via webdav - Cyberduck - to the website …
Do you know how can I reach this module and eventually edit it ?
thanks in advance

Hi Elena

Under the modules folder, you will find a contrib and a custom folder. Depending on how this module has been installed, it will be in either one of the two. I would expect it to be in the custom folder. Kindly note though that if this concerns the customised calendar module, your prior technical student did not create a distinct module, but rather edited individual files inside the existing module.

As noted in our prior talks, I would strongly encourage you to move the code to a dedicated Gitlab repository. The Web Team has a copy of your module including the changes I did late last year; please send me an e-mail if you would like access.


Found it !! indeed under custom folder …
ps it does not concern the calendar but the feedback module (called cern_th_roster)
I will check how to move the code to Gitlab - thanks for the suggestion - do you have any documentation for it ?

Hi Elena

Happy to hear that you found it!

I would recommend creating an empty Gitlab repository called cern_th_roster, clone it on your local machine and then copy in all the files from within the cern_th_roster webDAV folder. Commit and push all the files up. Once done, you can start making the changes you need. Please make sure to commit and push after each change such that you have the incremental history and need not revert multiple files at once if something goes wrong.

Good luck!