Electronic voting process in D8

I would like to investigate in D8 how to implement a kind of electronic voting process, for example for the election…
Could someone recommend modules or system in D8 ?
Thanks a lot for your information and your help

Hello Almudena,

You can most probably do it using a webform since a voting process is nothing more than a form that someone can submit one or more times.

But can you give provide more details about the process in order to be more specific about my answer?

  • Are the options static or dynamic?
  • Can you vote for one option or multiple ones?
  • Who can vote? Is it restricted?


There are already few examples of voting systems implemented with Webform + some custom modules developed in-house (CMS, Atlas, Council).
I wrote some documentation here, https://surveys-docs.web.cern.ch/ that might help you starting.

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Hi Eduardo
Thanks for your answer. I will have a look before to implement something.

Hi Konstantinos
In reality my question is for using the voting process for the Staff representative (every 2 years).
It could have multiple choices, and the vote is restricted to the member of the Staff Association.
The person who put in place this in Drupal7, uses a web form, however she needs to know if in Drupal8 the module to keep the anonymize exists.
Thanks both Eduardo and Konstantinos for your help.
And thanks all Drupal community,

Yes you can keep the votes anonymous. It is not a module, it is setting in the webform.

In that case my suggestion is to read Eduardo’s documentation and if you have any specific questions on how to implement something or you get stuck, just answer this thread and we can see it.


Thanks a lot both …
I will read, of course…

Yes it allows anonymization of the submissions with a configuration.

The problem with anonymous webforms/votes/surveys is to ensure unique replies per user, in general by default webform cannot ensure this, but you can achieve that with webform_invitation + CERN Webform Invitation Email. Those two modules allow the sending of unique invitation codes by email/e-group to reply webforms (and so ensure unique responses per invitation) and also keep anonymization of the responses. More details at https://surveys-docs.web.cern.ch/drupal/invitations/