Embedding CERN videos using CDS Media Plugin

Hello everyone,

I use the “CERN CDS Media Plugin” in a field of a content type in order to embed CERN videos with their CDS ID (eg. https://videos.cern.ch/record/2685335).

But there are some videos I want to upload from a different CDS platform (eg. http://cdsweb.cern.ch/record/1151994) that they don’t have a CDS ID. Do you know how can I embed them?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Ioanni,

In order to pull a video using the CDS Media Plugin, the video should have an ID and to be provided by the CDS API. However, CDS web is an old version of CDS and it seems that the video does not have an ID and as a result it is not provided by the API and the new system.

My suggestion would be to open a ticket in Service Now for the CDS team and ask them if the video has an ID and if you can pull it using the API. They know better what to do.


Thank you Kostas,

I have already asked them. Once I have a reply I will come back.


Hello Kostas,

They respond me that a CDS ID isn’t provided for videos that are hosted in cds.cern.ch platform and they suggest me to embed them with the html tag (eg. <iframe width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" src="http://cds.cern.ch/video/1151994?showTitle=true" allowfullscreen></iframe>). So, although it’s not an optimal solution, I adopted it.

I have also another question related to the issue:
If a video in videos.cern.ch platform is private, is it possible to be embedded using the CDS ID?
In my case, it will be preferable to make the videos private in videos.cern.ch and be able to embed them in my website at the same time.


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