Events are not displayed correctly when I use the "Event full content" pattern

Dear support,

I would like to use the layout “Event full content” for the Indico event, like it is done on

But the links for the Indico and the room is not working as above in my example:

How should I populate the different fields to use this layout correctly?

Kind regards,
Katarina Sigerud

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Hello Katarina,

Thanks for your question. It’s truly weird because you have correctly mapped the fields. I will investigate the issue and let you know.

Hey Katarina,

The issue was in the fact that the selected Field Template was “Default”, when it should be “Only content”. That’s why it was adding extra fields in the html and as a result it wasn’t rendering correctly.


Thanks for reporting it, I will also add it in the webtools along with a How-to. I also modified the post title in order to be easier tracable.


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Thank you, it work correctly now.


Thank you @kplatis.

This answer solved a similar problem I had with “Teaser List”. I agree with you, it would be good idea to write it down in the respective documentation, because it’s not so obvious.

My prosed extension in the current documentation:
… After choosing the layout, go to pattern settings and in Field templates select “Only content” and then click on “Save configuration”.