External links in box component

I set up the external links to open in a new tab. It works except for boxes.
E.g. on https://sis.web.cern.ch/ -> CDS and INSPIRE link. They are well opening in a new tab but it is also opening in the same tab instead of staying on the current page.
Could I change that? Did I miss something? Thank you very much for your help as usual!


Download and install the Link Target module.

Then go to Structure->Paragraph types and edit the Paragraph type that you use (in your case Thumbnail box) and click on the Manage display form tab /admin/structure/paragraphs_type/cern_thumbnail_box/form-display

Then change the Link’s widget from Link to Link with target and Save.

Go back to your thumbnail box. Now below the Link you will see a new option Select a target. Select New window (_blank).

That’s it. If you want to add this link functionality to other Paragraph types you need to update their widgets as well.

Hi Sotirios,
Thank you for your reply. I did what you proposed but it did not solve the issue. The behavior stays the same. Something else I could try? Thanks a lot!

You are right.

I have tested it in a version of home website that still has the old version of the cards (only title is clickable).

The new version of cards that the whole area is clickable causes this bug. We will fix it in one of the next versions of our theme.

Thank you for reporting it and sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks a lot Sotirios!