FAQ pages Translation

I have some issues with contents type FAQ page, I’m in https://test-lancementd8cwc-easy.web.cern.ch/faqs/1-new-members
I have a FAQ view with several FAQ pages, that have to be translated from english to french, each time a translate a faq page both pages are translated in french, the english version is translated too (or vice versa), could i have some help with this please, the problem is in FAQ content type, i found a post were there is explained to enabled fields “answer” and “question” translations but I dont find this fields in the manage display
Many Thanks!

Dear Monica,

Go to this page https://test-lancementd8cwc-easy.web.cern.ch/admin/config/regional/content-language and under Content section you will notice that the body field is not checked as translatable for the FAQ content type.

Check this field, scroll down and save, clear caches and try again.

Thank you, solved!