Feeback for creating a Drupal site

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Hi there

I just ran through the tutorial and have the following feedback:

  • In step 3, consider making it clear that users should open the “Operators” tab before they can click on the “Installed Operators” button.
  • In transitioning to step 7, it is not immediately clear from the text nor the screenshot that the referenced Configuration is the one shown on the Create DrupalSite interface. This is perhaps especially confusing because both “MainSite” and “SiteURL”, which appear below the Configuration field, are covered in the preceding step.
  • In step 7, since every field should either be standard or left empty, is it not possible to pre-configure them? The “Mi” and “Gi” notation is probably not as intuitive as just writing an integer and expecting it to be in megabytes. Also how do users determine how much space they need; can it be modified later?
  • In step 7, a reference to “Qos Class” is made and shown on the screenshot, but it does not appear on the interface I have access to: Is this intentional, or merely outdated?
  • In step 8, similar to the transition to step 7, it is not immediately clear which “Version” is being referenced. Also, why am I able to proceed without specifying the version when it appears as though that field is mandatory? Also, if it indeed is mandatory, it would make more sense to cover this field before the Configuration one.
  • In step 8, the Release Spec makes very little sense to me (though, granted, I have just started at CERN): How and why are users supposed to find or otherwise generate this value?

Also, in general, throughout the guide, it can be hard to see what exactly is shown on the screenshots. While the description should be sufficient, it would probably be nice that readers can just check the screenshots directly. Consider for instance this screenshot compared to the one currently displayed in step 3. Personally I would prefer not needing to click on any of the screenshots to actually read them.


Hi @joachim ! Thanks for your feedback. Your experience is aligned with another site admin’s that tested this tutorial. Following this, we decided to not release this documentation.

A new webservices portal (replacing this) is in the works, which is the intended final GUI. We expect the first interfaces to be ready by mid September. Accordingly, we’ll keep pointing site admins to the old infrastructure for the creation of new sites until then, even though we’ll start enrolling volunteers for migration by the end of next week.

I’m following these steps, but the operator’s CREATE never seems to complete, as the website URL does not become visible from the CERN network.

In OKD, when I switch to the EVENTS tab, I get :
and the RESOURCES tab gives me :

deployments.apps is forbidden: User “bcopy” cannot list resource “deployments” in API group “apps” in the namespace “jcop-okd-test”

Am I missing some access rights on https://drupal.cern.ch/ ?

Hello Brice,

Thanks for your question!
Indeed, and to clarify, you do not have access rights to list resources or inspect events ( although there is not much to see here). All you require (while we don’t have the new portal for managing Drupal sites) is to check the YAML section, where you should be able to edit the URL, webDAVPassword or other relevant fields you may want to edit in the Spec section.