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My drupal site ( is sending a mail to people that leave the department
I thought this was done via a Rules but I cannot find it
Now something is going wrong and a user is getting mail recursively …
Can you help me to stop it ? I really do not know where I should check for this
Any suggestion is more then welcome

Hi Elena

As far as I can see, you only have two enabled rules that relate to e-mails: A Welcome and a Welcome Back e-mail (both of which, indeed, are under Rules). Is the user still receiving these e-mails? Which address is sending it?


Dear Joacquim
I notice the same thing then you and this is why I wrote here : I really do not understand how this works
In the meantime it seems that the support understood that the loops come from one clone of the web site you create and they deleted … I hope it is fine with you
I wil now re-activate the cron job that I did temporary stop with the hope that this was the cause of the problems (but apparently it was not )
Maybe we can investigate a little bit further at my return (I am away this week for unexpectedly family reasons )

Dear Elena

Yes, it indeed turned out to be one of the clones left around following the Drupal 9 upgrade. The easiest solution in that regard was to delete it entirely. However, this does raise an important point which is that clones of your website will trigger the same rules as your production website. It might be worth disabling these on development websites and similar.

Thanks, and all the best!

Yes i already noticed it but my problem is: how to disable it if I do not find where it is managed? I already disabled all mails and cron but it is still running

Hi Elena

As we have not been involved in the creation of your website, nor the specific rules potentially configured, it is very hard for us to provide additional information. Ultimately, if it is not the default Rules we have already investigated, chances are we are dealing with a specific module — or, alternatively, a different service which utilises the e-groups.

Did you create this functionality yourself?

Dear Joachim, I understand very well the difficulties as they are the same for me as I didn’t implement the site and I do not either have your experience and your knowledge on DRUPAL
What is your suggestion in this case?
Ps I think the problem is not related to egroups……

Hi Elena

In this case, first, could you please confirm whether the problem still persists after the abovementioned instance was killed. If it still persists, could you please forward via e-mail the name of the users receiving the e-mails (and perhaps an example of the e-mail they are receiving).


Dear Joachim
The mail is sent from each clone of the web site to each person that is leaving the Department 15days before the depart date. I want to understand the mechanism, if possible, in order to be able to disactivate it at least for each clone
Do you think it is possible to continue this discussion via mail or ticket? I am not sure I can share to the group some email addresses or other private info…

Hi again

Of course; that is why I suggested you sending via e-mail in the above post.

Since this forum is public, such information should, as you correctly point out, not be shared here.