Feeds update

I created a feed that import information from a database and I would like to know if the setup I used is correct In particular about the update : I would like that if a node change, then it is charged again. If it does not exist anymore it is removed. If nothing change it is not imported anymore
Here is the screenshot of what I did set
I am also confused about the advance settings → Force update : what does means “if the feed did not change” ? does it refer to the content or the form of the feed ?
thanks in advance

Hi Elena

So per the screenshot, whenever there is a new item, it will be inserted. Whenever changes occur to an existing item, it will be updated. Whenever an item is no longer in the feed, it will be deleted (though if it stays in the feed, it will never expire). If I am reading the first part of your message correctly, it sounds like these settings should achieve exactly what you want. As for the last part regarding the force update: All it means is that it will go through every item in the feed as it normally would upon importing the first time even though it may already have seen those items.


thank you very much Joachim this reassure me ;-D I also removed the force update as I understand now that is not really needed in my scope All the best