Fix manually problem "web/PHPStan failed" and can't connect to _webdav

Dear all,

After scanning the webtest site, please see what I have in the “Fix Manually”

It seems to be the same problem in all cases (plus 1 problem as you mentioned in the CERN OVERRIDE). Could you please advise how to correct this?

In addition, when trying to connect to to correct the CERN OVERRIDE’s problem as you showed, I can’t access, it’s like I have the wrong username and password!

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Katerina

Thanks for reaching out!

Please refer to for a guide on how to access the credentials needed for WebDAV. I see that you are working on While you can of course proceed here, please note that this is a preview of your website. The intention is for you to understand whether or not you need to do anything, and, if so, what exactly. As it is a preview website, changes will not impact your production website.

I would thus recommend simply trying the fix on one of the modules and otherwise wait for your migration (scheduled for this week) to complete. At that point, you should go ahead and (re-)apply the fix(es) to your production website(s). You may of course refer to the guide, or simply post here again if you have any questions or concerns!

We will have a guide on the CERN OVERRIDE THEME as soon as possible, too.


Hello Joachim,

Thank you for your quick reply.
To summarize, I only try one fix in the test site, check if it works and then proceed with all the rest in the production website. Right?

I am sorry, I am not sure I understand. What does this mean? Any fixes before the migration will not be transferred, or will they be fixed then?

I find the same problem repeatedly in a few of the Department’s websites. Could you please advise how to fix them? Should I fix every single one separately or is there any grouped action possibility?

Thanks again,

Hi Katerina

Yes, your summary is correct. I do apologise if my prior post was confusing!

This week, all websites will be migrated to the cloud infrastructure (OpenShift). As a result of this migration, website owners will have access to the Upgrade Status report. As the preview websites already are on the OpenShift infrastructure, they, too, have access to the Upgrade Status report. It is for this reason that we encourage all website owners to check their preview website to understand what, if anything, needs to be done.

This is correct. The is strictly a preview website. However, this also means that it does not matter if something breaks: This is merely your chance to inspect how your website looks on OpenShift as well as check the Upgrade Status report.

Outside of updating multiple modules at once, there is unfortunately no way to fix multiple at once.

Hopefully this addresses your questions, if not, please do not hesitate to ask again!


Hello, I have the same warning message as Katerina in CERN CDS Media Plugin and several other CERN modules. I think you didn’t advise how to correct this? Or should we ignore these warnings?
Thank you,