Fixing manually the "CERN" module


My website ( has finally been migrated to the Cloud infrastructure. While I have updated and deleted all modules, I have to fix manually the “CERN” module. I see three errors (see attachement) but I don’t really understand what to do. Could you please help me?

I have trouble putting the image (weird, it used to work fine) so here is the link: CERNBox


Hi Antoine

Happy 2022, and apologies for the late response!

You need not keep the CERN-specific modules nor themes updated yourself. We will distribute these centrally. Since you created your post, a number of releases and updated have been distributed. Are you please able to confirm whether you are still experiencing this issue? At the moment though, attempting to access ifast, I am seeing a database error causing the website to break. Are you actively working on the site at the moment?


Hi Joachim,

Happy 2022 to you too!

Thanks for checking the website. I don’t see this error anymore as it seems that the website has moved to Drupal 9 (when going to “Upgrade Status” is talk about Drupal 10).

Now I have a question, which of the two websites is the right one? (Moved to Drupal 9). (Moved to Drupal 9 as well)

Such so you know, I am having another trouble with this website (trailing slash gone causing wrong url) with ticket INC3024983.

Maybe it’s linked?

Many thanks,

This is the same website. is an alias for the website.

I cannot immediately access the referenced ticket, but one of my colleagues in IT will get back to you on that as soon as possible. Similarly, I have flagged the database issue mentioned in my prior message, though your website should be served correctly once again.