Flag module

Hello everyone,

I need to use the Flag module for the migration of a Drupal 7 website. I saw that it’s in an alpha version for Drupal 8. Do you know if it works in Drupal 8?

Kind regards,

Hello Giannis,

We do not use it but try to avoid using modules in alpha/beta mode. Since you didn’t build the Drupal 7 website, what I would suggest you doing is to try to understand why they used this module and what they are doing with it.

The reason why I am telling you is because there is a good chance that you dont need the module if the functionality is offered from Drupal 8 core (or even from another D8 module). If you are in doubt you can post what the module is used for so that we can brainstorm alternative ways in D8 to achieve the same functionality.


Hello everybody,

Currently, the flag module is in an alpha version. I tried to use it, but it seems that it’s not fully functional.

I also searched for another similar solution, using like buttons. Like & Dislike module is in a beta version and it seems that downvote doesn’t work. Like/Dislike module is stable, but you need to pay.

In my case, a custom solution using boolean fields solved my problem.