Half height section causing following section to overlap

CERN theme. I have the top section containing the hero frame, with image. The top section is set to ‘half-height’.

Unfortunately the next section containing text is overlapping slightly on the image. How do I get rid of this so the text sits correctly below? I set the top section to ‘full height’ which “solves” it, but I don’t want a full-height image (far too big).


Hello Cath,

The “issue” I see is that you are using the Hero Frame without any content inside and you use it just to have the background image. However you can also set the background as background of the section. Can you try this configuration instead?

So it should be like:

  • Section (with background image and without any web components)
  • Section
    ---- Text Component

Just tried it in a clone site and it works.


Perfecto! All sorted.

As always - thank you :slight_smile:

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