Haven't Upgraded to Drupal 9 yet

Do we have to do anything ourselves for the Drupal 9 migration or will it happen on its own? None of my sites are Drupal 9 yet

Hi Konstantinos

Thanks for reaching out. No, you need not do anything yourself.

Upgrades for compatible sites will commence next week.


Dear @joachim,

Is it possible to know when or how long the upgrade process will take?

Our website is randomly entering in and out of maintenance mode for a week now.

This is a production website with update checkers, etc. plugged in, and a week-long downtime is very annoying.

Hi Marton

This is weird, flagging @kosamara. The actual upgrade to Drupal 9 is essentially seamless. The first sites were upgraded yesterday; others are following in batches this and the coming weeks. Your website has not been upgraded to Drupal 9 yet. It has, however, been moved to the new OpenShift cloud infrastructure. The behaviour you are describing here is very weird and not something which should have been triggered by the migration to OpenShift.

Are you pushing something automatically? Drupal enters maintenance mode by default on change.


Thank you joachim for the quick reply.

I can’t even put the website back to online mode in configuration.

This is the configuration page, after I put it online:

Yet the site is in maintenance mode:

When I click “available updates” link, the website is once again displayed as in maintenance mode:

So long story short, we’re stuck in maintenance mode and can’t get back online.

If you think this is unrelated to the migration, I’ll open a ticket.

Hi again

If possible, please add me to the e-group associated with your website such that I can take a direct look. However, on your first screenshot, I note that the Put site into maintenance mode is ticked: What happens if you untick this and save the configuration? I assume you have already done this; does it automatically revert?


A quick follow-up here as you may want to update the Linkit module.

https://www.drupal.org/project/linkit/releases/8.x-5.0-beta13 is ready for Drupal 9.

We have a guide on updating modules here: https://drupal-tools.web.cern.ch/update-modules-webdav


Hello joachim,

Well, this is emberassing.
Since I already tried the “go online” link, I didn’t try untick/save combo.
The latter brings the site back online.

Sorry for the trouble and that was an easy fix.

Good luck for the updating and I’ll update the linkit module just in case.


Hi Marton

No worries, happy to hear things are working as intended now!