How to add a caption to the image field

I have created a content type where i use the image field - images are displayed as image gallery. However the default image field does not contain the caption. could you please let me know how to add and display the caption of a image?

Hi Joao,

Please provide some more details such as the name of the website and what module did you use for the gallery.

this is the website:

thanks, Joao

Hello Joao,

This is an unfortunate part of Drupal 8 since this functionality does not exist neither in the core nor in a contributed module as it used to for D7 websites.

However adding this functionality to your content type is not very complicated. In order to avoid duplicating content I found a medium tutorial article on how to do it. Read the article and on top of that I will mention some general steps that you should follow:

  1. If you are using the CERN Theme, install the CERN Override theme
  2. Create a separate text field in the Content type to hold the caption
  3. Create a template to override the image field of this content type and make it include the caption within the figure like it is described in the tutorial.
  • The template needs to be stored in a file under the /templates files
  • Pay extra attention in the naming of the template since Drupal is case sensitive when it comes to theme templates.
  • Also make sure to clear the caches every time you make a change in the template since Drupal automatically caches the templates.

I guess thats all. If you have more questions feel free to post it here.