How to add a Slideshow of pictures in a Section page

Dear all,
I would like to add a slideshow with pictures to a section page which I have created (similar to basic page).

Further to one of the topics already in this forum, unless I am mistaken, I should follow the steps:

  1. Home
  2. Admin
  3. Structure
  4. Types
  5. Section
  6. Fields
    and add “image gallery” and “slider”

I did, I also added pictures for one of the Sections/section pages, however I cannot see them in the page.
Could you please guide me?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello Katerina,

I think it is easier to create a page of type Landing page and then use sections to add an Image Gallery or Slider component.

Let me know if you need more info.


Hello Konstantine,

Thank you for your suggestion, however would it be possible to create the slideshow in the Section pages?
The main page of the group (a slideshow will be added there) is landing page, however not the Section pages. I would have to change a lot of things (views etc. to modify those).

If possible, I would prefer to keep the pages as they are.

Thanks again for your help.

Hello Konstantine,

Would you maybe have any news regarding this topic?

Thank you.

Hi Katerina,

As we discussed in our zoom call you can do this by adding a components field in the sections content type and check the options for image gallery and slider.

Then in Manage display of the sections content type move the new components field under the components section and save.

Thank you very much Sotiri, it is fine!