How to add an egroup to the list of the ones that has access permissions?


I would like to add a new egroup to the list of those that has some access to the web site … (the tab egroup give me an error with 'page not found"
thanks in advance

Hi Elena,

I’m not sure what method you have tried, but everything is managed on Openshift now.

Have you followed the instructions at Setup authorization access to Drupal Site - Drupal community ?

Kind regards,

thank you ! I was not aware of these instructions I did follow them now but I still do not see my new role … How long does it take before to appear on the site ?

Where are you not seeing the new role?

On your Drupal site at]/admin/people/roles?

Or on the list of roles for your site at ?

I created th-dep-cass and on my web site, I cannot see it

but I can see in the application-portal (even if I am not sure I defined it correctly )


The issue here is that you haven’t mentioned the role on your Drupal site. The Application portal is the tool that applies the permissions, but it can’t do that if there is no role defined on the Drupal site.

Simply add the name of the role at - ensuring that the machine name role there is identical to the machine name role you defined in the Application Portal (th_cass_th_dep_cass_) (See Step 5 of Setup authorization access to Drupal Site - Drupal community )

That should do the trick. Let us know if not.


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ok it seems I missed this part in the instructions you sent me … Done now …

it works ! thanks a lot for your kind help