How to cancel Content Access module enabling?


I want to limit access to some parts of our website and enabled the Content Access module. Just after that I was asked to rebuild the content access permissions. I’m a bit afraid of that and would like to disable the module as I found another solution in this post). It uses a more stable module. But at the moment I can’t disable the Content Access module, the box is greyed. Can I just ignore the message saying that I have to rebuild the content access permissions and leave things as they are?
Thank you.

Hello @buytaert,

The box is grayed because you are in the “List” tab of modules. The List tab lists all the module and you can select which ones to enable.

If you click on “uninstall” tab then you can uninstall it. You can find a simple video in this link

Make sure to re-build permissions after you uninstall the module.


Hello Konstantinos,
Oh I see, this is different from what I was used to with Drupal 7.
Thank you,