How to change the font and style in Drupal 8?

I have not been able to get an answer to this simple question.
The help desk sent me to this site and I formulated the question in this forum but did not get any answer.
I spent a lot of time trying to change the font and the style on the web paged displayed in Drupl 8 and I cannot find out how to do such trivial thing. One Drupal 7 experty tried with me and he also could not do it.
I am only a beginner with Drupal as our Web administrator left CERN and I would appreciate help to resolve this silly issue.
If some one knows what to do please send me an email directly (

See screen capture below which I tried to include. It seems that I cannot even include a screen capture in this email!!!

Dear @revol ,

I think you’re missing Cern Full Html Format module. You can install it by going to Extend and search for this module.

When it’s done, while editing the content, you have to change Text Format in body into CERN Full HTML one and you’ll be able to see more options to change the font. Also, you can click Source and make the changes directly in HTML.

Best regards,

Dear Jean-Pierre,

The Drupal 8 CERN theme uses Open Sans and Sans source pro for fonts and they are part of CERN branding. It is not recommended to change the fonts.

If you have a specific reason to do so, you can either:

  • use inline styling (e.g. <p style="font-family:“Calibri”>Hello world!) if you want to change it only for specific paragraphs;
  • download and install the CERN override theme and the change the font family there. More info here.