How to create vertical agenda box view

Dear support,

I would like to have a display like on, with a list of vertical agenda boxes to the right, see for an example. However, when another View format than ‘horizontal boxes’ is used, the title URL is not displayed in white (see the normal display at the bottom of the screen). Also, the nice orange arrow pointing to the title is not displayed in any of the formats, am I defining the display format wrong?

Kind regards,
Katarina Sigerud

Hello Katarina,

I have scheduled to deploy the Vertical Boxes for the next version of Display Formats.

In this format, the boxes will render as in .


Thank you for your quick reply. I will look forward to the next release then.


Hello Katarina,

I just finished the versions of the next release and it includes the Vertical Boxes. I will also update the documentation. Keep an eye on the update announcements in order to know when exactly it will take place.