How to export a content type from a Drupal website and import it in another

Is it possible to import a content type from a Drupal 8 website to another Drupal 8 website ?
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Hi Valérie,

Yes it is possible through Configuration Synchronization (/admin/config/development/configuration) but you need to know exactly what you are doing.

Hello Valerie,

As @sboutas said, you can export and then import different parts of the content type one by one.

If you visit the interface, you will see something like the following image (this is an example). You need to copy the configuration and then import it using the same interface in the second website.

However, you should not only export and import the Content Type configuration, but also you should export and import:

  • Field storages, for each one of the fields that do not exist in the second website (Important: this creates the storage, not the field itself. A storage can be used by different fields in different content types)
  • Fields of the content type (one by one)
  • Form Display of the content type
  • Displays for each one of the different displays of your content

This process requires good knowledge of Drupal (what is field storage, what is a display etc) because not importing everything might break the website.

Hope that helps.


Hello Sotirios,
In fact, I would like to import the “News Page” content type and also the “News View” in to this website :
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Thanks Konstantinos,
As I said to Satorios, I would like to import the “News Page” content type and also the “News View” in to this site :
If Satorios or you can do this for me :wink:
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Valérie (from the Technical Training)

Dear Valérie,

We can’t perform such an action on the website.

This is a configuration issue not related to theme support that we do.

The website owner is responsible for such an action.