How to extract list of all people who have edited the site

Hi all,

As per the title…

I need to identify exactly who has edited a particular website in the last 2 years. I don’t mean “who has edit permissions”, but very specifically who has made content changes.

Reason being; I need to contact everyone who has done so to warn them of an upcoming change and get their input to make it as painless as possible for them.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Cath,

If you don’t have content revisions enabled it won’t be possible.

OK, I think I do have revisions enabled, so how would I go about this?


If you have revisions enabled then when you view the node you will see the revisions tab next to edit etc. Click on that tab and you can see all the revisions for this node and the username of the person who made the changes.

If you have problems finding it give me the URL of the website and I will have a look.

Ah ok, only problem is that I need it for all content on the entire website. There are tens of thousands of nodes; not practical to go in one-by-one (it’s the IT Dept website).

Just a thought; maybe I could use Views and create myself a view linking up author and content revision, and suppressing duplicate entries?


Yes it can be done with Views. You can create a view that shows all the node titles along with the latest revision date and the person who revised it. You can also add another filter that shows the last person who revised the node where his/her username is different than yours (or someone else’s).