How to fetch News from Home website in my Drupal website


Is there a way to display the Official News in the new HR website as in the CERN website?
Or the only way is to do a link to the CERN website and choose type= official news, as follows:

Thanks a lot

Hello Almudena,

I will write a guide about it in the drupal-tools website and I will answer in a bit.


Hello Almudena,

Since this a frequently asked question, I created a new How To section with complete guides in Drupal Tools website.

I will follow up with guides about FAQs, Events etc.


Dear Konstantinos
Thanks a lot for your tutorial, it is great, and very clear,…however if I well understood it is to display your own news in your website.
My question, and I will try to be clear, is display the news (Official News in this case) from the CERN website in my website.
I suppose that we can do it with a feed, perhaps?
Of course I always can do a link to the official news to the CERN website.
I ask myself if there is a smarter way to do it.

In any case thanks a lot for your tutorial, it is a really good job.
Thanks all the team.

Hello Almudena,

No worries, I wanted to write this tutorial either way so it was a good opportunity.

For that it depends. Obviously the fastest and easiest way is to just create a link to the /news page of the home website. However, if you want to:

  • Display the same news in different places of your website
  • Filter the news using your own filters
  • Display the news using different components
    …then in this case I think it is better to create a feed.


Guide on how to create a feed
List of home website feeds

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I needed confirmation in case of I implement something like that.
Thanks a lot