How to fix: News Page too narrow in my easy start website + News view

Dear Drupal Team,

I used the easy start Drupal website to create a website for our group’s newsletter Accelerating News.

As I am giving the final touches, I noticed that our News Page is too narrow, making it look strange. (See pictures.) Could you help me make it look the news page in

Also, something strange in the filters for our news view: see picture. Why is issue centered, when the others are aligned left?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @dmantoni,

Your issues are related to theming coming from the CERN Base theme and the CERN Components module:

File: cern_components/patterns/molecules/news-display/css/news-display.component.css .wrapper-center, .wrapper-center.has-columns {
  padding: 0 10%; /* <-- this padding adds unnecessary white space when pages are showing a sidebar */

And the issue related to the filter on the view’s exposed form:

File: cernbase/css/views/generic-views.css (CERN base theme)

.teaser-list .views-exposed-form .form-inline .form-item:first-child { /* <-- this means the first filter will always apply the centered text style */
    display: block;
    text-align: center;
    position: relative;

So in my opinion it’s just that the styles from the theme and the module don’t really account for cases different than the examples provided by the demo template.

I would volunteer to fix some of them but unfortunately I don’t have enough time for now :frowning:

I wait for our Drupal admins in case they consider these issues to be bugs :wink:


Hi Oscar,

Thank you for explaining.

Do you know if there is anyone I could contact to make this fix?