How to give access to a non-admin to an unpublished page?

Dear all,
I would like my supervisor to access a unpublished page I created to review its content. Is there an easy way I can give her access to this specific page ?

Many thanks in advance,

Hello Benjamin,

The fastest and most straightforward way is to add him/her in the admins list. However this is also dangerous as the admins of a website have full access. So its your responsibility to judge who should have this kind of access.

Alternatively a safer way is to create a role and give customized permissions. You can read about roles and permission in this article. Then you can use Node View Permissions module to give access


Hello Konstantinos,

Many thanks for your answer, I will take a look at this article.


Hi Konstantinos,
I have the exact same problem with the CMS public web site (, so I was happy to see this thread.
Yesterday I installed the Node View Permission Module and rebuilt the permissions as stated in the module page you linked to.

I was exploring the permission page, but I did not change anything. I was then notified by some other collaborators that the site was no longer accessible without logging in (which I confirmed was the case).

I just uninstalled the module (I don’t think I then rebuilt permissions) and the site was again accessible to everyone.

Is there any missteps I did?
TIA, Achille

Try to use the View Unpublished module. It will expose more options in the Permissions page and you can select which roles can see unpublished content.

Hi Sotirios,

many thanks! I will try it and report here.