How to implement Resources View

Hello everyone,

I would like to implement something similar to At first, only for image galleries (like “CERN Science Gateway” in the following picture)


How can I implement this view? Is there any related documentation, because I didn’t find one?

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Hi Ioanni,

We have it already in our to do list to make a display format like the resources view but it might take some time though because we are very busy with other stuff at the moment.

Once is ready we will notify the community by email and a message in Drupal mattermost channel.

Hi Sotirios,

I am pleased to learn that it’s in your “to-do” list.
It would be a great feature!



Do we have any updates regarding the “Resources view”? It would be useful feature for the website I build.

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It is already implemented and deployed in the Release Candidate of the Display Formats and Components, so you will get it in the next update.

Hello Ioanni,

The themes and modules are already deployed from our side, along with the documentation of the Display Format and a how-to article on how to add the resource icon in a Preview Card.

However you will have to wait for the following versions to be deployed from the Drupal admins:

  • CERN Display Formats: v1.4.0
  • CERN Components: v2.6.0
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