How to import URL alias with Feed

Hi everyone,

We are currently migrating our data from D7 to D8 and i’m having trouble figuring out how to import URL aliases in D8 with Feed. For some reason there is no URL Alias target in the D8 Feed interface.

Just to give a bit of context, from D7 we expose JSON and import our node with the Feed module.

Do you guys have any experience with that ?


Thank you very much.


Hey Maxime,

You mention that you want to import URL aliases, however they are system fields provided by a different module. What you easily do is to enable the Pathauto module and re-create the automatic paths. In other words, first import the content and then re-generate the aliases.

More specifically:

  1. Enable the Pathauto module
  2. Create a pathauto pattern in /admin/config/search/path/patterns.
  3. Then navigate to the Bulk Generate tab and re-generate URLs. Make sure to take a backup before especially if you do it on a live website.

If you need help on how to construct a pattern let me know, some times they are tricky.

Let me know if that works for you.


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