How to link an article to a given category

In our news section, we have the possibility to link each article to a news category.
However, I don’t have the possibility to choose from the different categories and therefore if I don’t know the exact category number, I don’t know who to select it.
The little circle at the right doesn’t allow me to view the categories.

Could you tell me how to find the category number or a way to be able to select the corresponding category?


If this is a Content Type then you should follow the following steps:

  • Structure → Content types → Select the content type you wish to make the changes
  • Manage fields → Manage from display

Under manage from display you can search for the field (News Category) and change the “Widget” to Select list or Check boxes

I hope this helps.


That totally helps, as usual!
Is it possible to not display Archived articles by default and only make them appear when we click on the Archived category?
Thanks a lot!

Well you can unpublish the article so as to hide it from users or what else can be done is to assign the view (which displays the articles) roles and accordingly only the concerned people in those roles will be able to see those articles.

This is what I did before : unpublish them but it seems that this doesn’t match the standards of communication as all articles should be visible even if old… This is why I was thinking of another way of “hiding” them but not completely.