How to make an image clickable linking to a custom link


I want to have a link with an image. So that by clicking on the image I get to an external page.
Is there something similar in Drupal 8 like the Image Field Formatter Module? So that I can add a link to an image field?

Or is the only option making an image “clickable” adding a href to a image in a normal text field?

Thank you,

Hello Nadine,

In the case you want to make an image clickable linking to a custom link, you can use the Linked Field module.. This module provides a field when you setup your display and there you can select which fields sets the custom link. Given that you have a content type you should follow the following steps:

  1. Add an image field to the CT
  2. Add a link field to the CT (thats the custom link)
  3. Install the aforementioned module
  4. When you setup the display, use tokens to select the field from step 2 to be the linked field

Thats pretty much it. Let me know if you have any questions.


Works perfectly, thank you!