How to modify sections in a translated Landing Page


I cannot add any section to the French version of my landing page.

Steps to reproduce

My landing page has already been translated from English to French.
I have added a “Discovers CERN Online” section in the English version ( I need to do it again with the French version.
When I edit the French node, the “Add section” button does not appear in the “Components” tab.

I think that it is a bug because I could not make it work with other websites either.


Edit English node:

Edit French node:

Hi Marie,

You need to change in Structure->Content types->Landing page the Component field in Manage form display from Paragraph classic widget to Paragraph Experimental.

Also in Structure->Paragraph types->Section the Background, Column left, Column center and Column right fields in Manage form display to Paragraph Experimental widget as well.

I have applied this change for you.


Thank you very much!


I tried to do the same for CMS Safety Website.
In this case I see not “Add Call to Action” to Section.
Please find here the link
Could you help please?


Dear Roberto,

You need to go here and change the widget of the section field from Paragraphs classic to Paragraphs Experimental.

I have done this for you already so it should be ok now.

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