How to nicely display a block with web links in the sidebar (using default CERN appearance)

Dear web team,

I would like to display blocks (or views with variable sizes) in the right sidebar, as on However, with the blue background of the block and the links in blue (by default) it is not very legible (see the top block ‘Useful links’). What would you propose to do in this case?

Kind regards,
Katarina Sigerud

Dear Katarina,

You should either change the BODY: link and BODY: link on hover values in theme settings with something that works for both blocks and body or to change the VIEWS: Card background to another colour than blue.

You could also install the CERN override theme and add the CSS to change the colour of the links in this block or in all blocks in general depending which id or class you will use.

In the future we will add the option to change the link colours and the block background in theme settings individually.