How to rewrite the output of a field in a view, as a link?


I have, for instance 2 input
EDMS [field_edms] = 1889335
EDMS link [field_edms_link] =

My view:

My goal is to have the output EDMS field as a custom link , but the link created[field_edms_link]) is not correct…

Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance


Hey Simon,

I think the issue is syntax. As you can see in the description of the Link Path, you should use Replacement Patterns to display a value. If you scroll a bit lower you can see a table with all the available patterns:

The syntax for replacement patterns is like {{ field_edms_link }}, not [field_edms_link].

Not sure if thats the issue but give it a go and let me know.


Many, many thanks.
It is working well.

Thank You.