How to style accordions


I would like to increase the font size in my accordions, but fail to make this happen.
I am in home–>admin–>config–>content–>formats–>CERN full HTML and trying to edit CKEditor plugin settings (fonts). I am having difficulty in understanding the syntax (in red). What should I type in the box above to make the font different from the default?


I realize that this is probably a dumb question, since the instruction is there, and I need the instruction to understand the instruction :woman_facepalming:

Here is the screenshot of the accordions style that I want to change

Hey @ldannesb,

I hope you are doing well. To understand the font size and family aspect, you should enter each size on a new line using the following syntax:
123px|Size label
123em|Size label
123%|Size label

Here’s an example to understand the syntax :

This means that the font size of 14 pixels will be labeled as “Small,” 18 pixels as “Medium,” and 24 pixels as “Large.” The size can be specified in pixels (px), em units (em), or as a percentage (%).

However, please note that modifying the font size for paragraph types and other font styles may not have a significant impact, as they are inherited from the theme. The font styling and size are defined in the CSS file of the theme (theme.css), which determines the overall appearance of the CERN theme.

I hope this clears the air. Please feel free to write us back in case you have any questions.


Thank you for explaining, Prakhar.
I would have never guessed that the Size label syntax in this case is similar to the T-shirts sizing :joy:
I have been experimenting with numbers.

Best regards,