How to translate a CERN Component?

Hi everyone,

I have a few questions regarding how to translate parts of my CERN Components:

News full content:
I would like to replace “By…” by “Par…”

Agenda Boxes
2 words:

  • “ENDS” should be “Jusqu’au”
  • “Event” should be “événement”

Indico Events pages

  • “Go to Indico Event” should be “Voir l’événement Indico”
  • “Where?” should be “Où ?”

Regarding the Indico Events pages, is there a way to change the sentence “Go to Indico Event” to make it more understandable for a non-CERN audience, e.g. “More info & registration” ?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Kind regards,


Hello Marie,

The components that have “hardcoded” words like the ones you mentioned, can be translated using the User Interface Translation (/admin/config/regional/translate). From this interface you can search for the words you want to translate and apply the translations.

After translating, clear the caches and refresh the page.

The english words however cannot be changed and are standarized to fit most of the cases. If you want to add information about registration etc, you can add them in the indico event and it will be imported in the node.

Let me know if you face any issues.


Hi Kostas,

Thanks for your answer.
If I undestand correctly, I should be able to translate the words from the screenshots of my previous message (e.g. By, Event, where…) by finding them in the User Interface Translation?
Unfortunately, I cannot find any of them… Apologies, could you maybe show me one example?



Hello Marie,

I tested two keywords “Ends” and “By” and they work (check GIFs below). Some words that are frequent (eg “By”) return many results so its more difficult to find. Let me know if there are words that you cannot find since there is always the chance that they are not marked as translatable.

By example

Ends example


Waw I have no idea what happened to my brain… it is indeed definitely working! Apologies and thanks for your patience!

No worries glad that it works!