How to translate view header with Drupal 7?


I have created a view in Drupal 7 and I would like users to be able to switch from English to French as they please.
I can do that for the content by using the filter criteria (Language= user’s current language) but I do not know how to do it for the header and the title.
I could only find help for Drupal 8:

Do you know how this can be done in Drupal 7?
Thank you!

Hi Emilie,

The only way to do this is through the translate interface which you can find in the following path of your website:


There in the field String contains you add part of the string that you have in your header and hit enter.

The entire string will come up in the results and then you can click edit and add the French translation there,

Once the translation is added you need to clear your website’s caches.