How to use the views data export

I just installed the module and wish to export my FAQs to csv - only I can’t find where/how to activate the module to achieve this. Can anyone advise? thanks!

Hi Anna
I have found this video,
Could you have a look a see it can help you?

HI Almu, thanks so much for sharing - sadly it hasn’t helped as I don’t have the same views/options - I am totally lost…

Dear Anna,

Could you please share the URL of the FAQ that you want to export?

HI Sotirios! thanks, here it is :slight_smile: FAQ | Careers at CERN

Here you are Anna

Sotirios, you are a magician, THANK YOU!!!
Incidentally I have another quick question: the diversity and inclusion webpages used to be very easily found by google search but since migration to D8, they no longer are found… it’s a real drawback. Any idea how to improve SEO and all that? thanks!

Hi Anna,

You can install Google Analytics. This will help for the website to get crawled by Google and start appearing in their results.

Also, you could use Google Search Console Tools and force crawl your website there, add keywords etc.

Thanks Sotirios for your kind help - when you say install GA - in the website itself? I am not sure how this is done ?

Hi Sotirios, I am lost, not being a Drupal expert, I don’t even know where to find the root directory in the admin - it’s so frustrating, can you help me? I will have the same quesiton when it comes to installing our future new chatbot to our page which I gather you help for the chatbot on HSE - I have no idea how to do such complex things in drupal (complex to me anyway…). Any ‘recipe’ you might have chef, would be great!

Dear Anna,

Let’s close this topic here since it was for views data export and follow up for the rest of things by email.