Hyperlinks in thumbnail box work only with Firefox

My Drupal 8 site is almost finished but during the tests with other browsers I realized that all hyperlinks inside a thumbnail box didn’t work if I don’t use Firefox.
You chek it here : https://cryo4lhc-dp8.web.cern.ch/tools
Thanks for your help.

Hello Michel,

Do you refer to the bulletpoint links? I tried them in Chrome and they work.


Yes, for bulletpoint links. Strange … Don’t work for me, I will try on a Windows computer

Really strange… No work for me with a Windows computer as well
Work with IE… Perhaps it is due to an extension on the browser that uses

Links don’t work even if Adblock is off

Understood !
It’s because security settings block by default external links …
Now it works.
Sorry for the disturbances.

No worries. Glad that it works :+1: