I have updated the webtest.cern.ch is this the end?


So I didn’t have the “Upgrade Status” in my website reports so I went (as suggested on the forum) to the webtest.cern.ch site. There I manage to scan everything fixed the yaml files uploaded them and scanned again. Now everything is “green” and I don’t have anymore incompatible modules.

The question is what is next? Should I move the yaml files form the webtest.cern.ch to web.cern.ch or this is end of my job here?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Marcin

Thanks for reaching out!

Awesome to hear you were able to resolve things!

Indeed, the changes you have successfully implemented on your .webtest.cern.ch preview website are exactly the same necessary for your production website to ensure Drupal 9 compatibility! Sometime this week, your website(s) (.web.cern.ch) will be moved to the new OpenShift infrastructure which will grant you access to the Upgrade Status report. You have received an e-mail giving you a date and an approximate time for the migration. You will also receive an e-mail confirming the migration.

Of course, you are welcome to apply the changes now also, but you will have to wait for the migration to complete in order to conduct a scan to confirm. Please note that the migration to OpenShift is not going to upgrade your website to Drupal 9: This process will only commence for compatible websites once everything has been moved to OpenShift.