Image keeps disappearing in one of our form intro


We created a webform with an introduction text (an Advanced HTML/Text element in the form) containing an image.

The webform available on Mission LHC | Passport to the Big Bang (

After a while (apparently a day), the image disappears (invalid image reference).

We put it back, stays there for a while (few hours), but then the next day, it’s gone again.

The img tag seem correctly built:

<img alt="LHC" data-entity-type="file" data-entity-uuid="a9682e38-b61f-4133-a500-cc7b5d47d263" src="/sites/" />

But indeed, the image file is not present in the file system under /sites/

So it seems the image file is removed by some process on a regular basis…

Any idea?

Steps to reproduce

I have just re-inserted the image. Check in a day or two.

Possible fixes

No fix found apart from re-inserting the image everyday…

Related issues

No related issues.


(See above)

Dear Francois,

I took a look at your website and it seems thet the referenced image doesn’t exist in the inline-images folder.

Maybe someone deleted it?

Try to mount your website’s file system, upload the image in your inline-images folder and reference it again. If the problem persists let me know.