Images not displayed

I uploaded a bunch of pictures in my department organigram and some of them are not displayed. Is it because of the browser or did I do something wrong? In any case, what can I do to fix this problem.

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UPDATE: I found the problem for this situation. Apparently some of the pictures I uploaded disappeared in mysterious ways leaving only the description. Is this a bug from Drupal or did I do something wrong?



What I found was the src tag missing with either the source file or having the same dummy avatar’s png image file extension.

Refer the screenshot below :

I would suggest you to cross-verify the code you have for the table and in particular with the image source files.

I hope this helps. In case you have any further issues feel free to write us back.


Hello Prakhar,
I didn’t use code to upload the images. I just placed them there in the “normal” way let’s say. Like I said in the Update message, some of them just disappeared leaving only the alternative text. I just placed them again in their place and it seems to be okay for now.
In case the same thing happens again, I’ll contact you again.

But in any case, this is not a Drupal’s bug right?