Images not displaying. Error 404

I am migrating from drupal7 to Drupal 9 in Pantheon platform.
I used the core migrate, migrate upgrade, migrate plus.
The d7_upgraded was successful.
Locally everything work fine, the images displayed, however when I moved the site to pantheon cloud not all the images are displayed.
I checked/ content/ files the images exist but it’ ‘s not displaying. I clear the cache , no change.
I inspect with chrome developer I have a 404 error.
i will appreciate any help or maybe poin me a document that address it.

Hi Ibrahima

I appreciate you reaching out, but please note that this forum, while public, is intended for the CERN community. While we would be happy to help, we ultimately cannot offer much assistance as you are not working on our infrastructure. I would encourage you to have a look at for more information about this process from the Drupal Association.