Import content type from one site to another

Dear colleagues,

I have a query regarding the copy of one content type from one website to another.

I saw that Valérie asked the same [question]( some type ago but I have a different problem.

Basically, I inherited a website that does not have a “news” content type. I tried to reproduce it but it is time consuming and not rewarding: The version I came up with has double title for instance.

I tried to import the “news” content type from a “clean” test website to my website but it displays the following message? What should I do?

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Dear Antoine

In my point of view, the import of configurations through the user interface is incomplete, if you export/import only the “content-type” configuration the elements inside of the content-type such as fields, teaser, displays, forms configurations are not available in the new site.
Our recipes in general terms
We export all configurations,
extract the yml files related to the content type.
create a new module and add the selected yml files in the configuration folder,
finally, install the module in the new site and enjoy the full “content-type”.

best regards